Gum Treatments

There are a number of reasons you may require gum treatments, both for cosmetic and general purposes. In this article we will provide answers about gum treatments for gingivitis, sore gums and gum abscesses. Your gums are an important part of your health and wellbeing, as they provide support and protection to your teeth, jawbone, and overall mouth.

If you are concerned about the health of your gums, Willoughby Dental is happy to help with our state-of-the-art Brooklyn New York gum treatments.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Plaque is the number one leading cause of gum disease, which happens to impact over 47% of people over 30. Gum disease starts in dark, abandoned corners of your mouth where plaque has a chance to grow unhampered. Without proper identification and treatment, gum disease will spread and cause tooth loss, bad breath, sores, and many other side effects. Instead of one sure solution, gum disease is treated on a case-by-case basis. Although, all patients with gum disease will need to visit a dentist for the following treatments:

-Professional Teeth Cleaning

The first gum treatment your gum disease needs is a thorough cleaning. A dentist can clean your teeth of all plaque, even deep down into the gum pocket where the dangerous dental plaque lives, and a toothbrush and floss can never reach.

-Dental Examination

During your cleaning a good dentist will also check for specific factors that could contribute to gum disease, such as loose crowns or fillings. X-rays may also be used to identify any signs of bone loss. The longer gingivitis is left untreated, the more likely bone loss is to occur. If you have lost significant jawbone, there are procedures available to help rebuild the bone.

In order to prevent gum disease from worsening you will need to constantly provide your mouth with the following treatments:

-Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste

-Floss at least once a day

-Use an antiseptic mouthwash

-Visit the dentist regularly

Signs Of Gum Disease

Signs you might have gum disease and should visit your local Brooklyn dentist as soon as possible include:

-Red, sore gums

-Gums easily bleed

-Gum line is noticeably receding

-Teeth are coming loose

-Bad breath that won’t go away

-Sores in your mouth

Oftentimes, gum disease is not painful or noticeable. Regular dental exams can help you prevent sore gums and other more invasive symptoms of gingivitis from having the chance to arise.

Gum Abscess Treatment

Another reason you may require gum treatments is if you have a gum abscess. Gum abscesses can form due to unresolved cavities, or because of certain underlying conditions. Either way, an abscess will form when the same type of bacteria infecting a tooth makes its way into your gums, throat, cheek, or jaw.

A Periapical abscess is an infection of the tooth pulp.

A Periodontal abscess is an infection deeper in the gum tissue.

A dental abscess appears as a swollen mound filled with pus. The pain associated with a gum abscess will get worse and worse until the abscess is drained. A dentist should surgically drain the abscess, otherwise the pain will become increasingly worse.

Signs of Gum Abscess

Signs you could be suffering from a gum abscess and should visit your local Brooklyn dentist as soon as possible include:


Swelling around mouth and gums

Tender to the touch

Puss draining

Unusual redness around face or mouth

Generally feeling ill, nauseous, vomiting, etc.

Difficult to open mouth, or swallow

Difficulty breathing–rare, but possible side effect of abscess blocking airways

Brooklyn New York Gum Treatments

All gum treatments are affordable in comparison to the risks associated with ignoring sore gums and other dental issues.

For all Brooklyn New York Gum Treatments, Willoughby Dental provides superior care for you and your smile. To learn more about gum treatment options call us today at (718) 395-9105.