Dentures services offered in Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

Losing your teeth happens from various issues, including gum disease and injury. If you’re concerned about your smile, Ezra Trachtenberg, DMD, and the team at Willoughby Dental offer customized dentures to provide you with confidence at the office in downtown Brooklyn, New York. Dentures allow you to eat and talk more efficiently when you’ve lost your natural teeth. To find out more about dentures, call the office in Brooklyn today, or request a consultation on the website.


What are dentures?

Dentures are customized dental appliances that restore your smile when you lose your teeth. Your natural teeth don’t only provide you with a beautiful smile — they also allow you to chew and speak properly.

The skin around your mouth begins to sag when you lose all of your teeth. You also have trouble talking and eating certain foods without replacements. Dentures are removable and take the place of your natural teeth, giving your face shape, and can be either complete sets or partial sets.

Dr. Trachtenberg customizes dentures to give you the best fit possible. It may take several weeks to months to adjust to your dentures as your mouth gets used to them.

Although Dr. Trachtenberg customizes your dentures to your gums, they can still move around. If you’re having trouble keeping your dentures, Dr. Trachtenberg recommends using a denture adhesive to hold them in place.

How do you take care of dentures?

Dental hygiene is still crucial when you have dentures. Proper care of your dentures helps them last longer and removes plaque and other bacteria that accumulate on the surface.

You should brush and soak your dentures every day. Ensure you’re brushing every surface of your dentures to ensure they’re clean. Dr. Trachtenberg suggests a denture cleaner that’s non-abrasive for your dentures.

After brushing, soak your dentures in a specialized denture cleaning product. The cleaning product disinfects your dentures and removes any remaining plaque from the surface. Soaking also eliminates stubborn stains on the false teeth.

If you accidentally drop or break your dentures, you must call Dr. Trachtenberg immediately. You don’t want to wear broken dentures, as you may hurt the inside of your mouth or gums.

Do you still need regular appointments?

You’ll still need to see Dr. Trachtenberg when you get dentures. Your mouth can still change after dentures, which is why regular appointments are required.

During the first few months of denture use, Dr. Trachtenberg wants to see you regularly to evaluate how your dentures fit. It’s a big adjustment, and you may need minor alterations to the appliances.

Dentures also become worn and don’t fit properly over time. When this happens, Dr. Trachtenberg fits you for new dentures to ensure a proper fit.

Dental hygiene is also vital when you have dentures. You must be diligent in brushing your gums and mouth to ensure oral health.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Trachtenberg, call the Brooklyn, New York, office today or request an appointment on the website. Call Today (718) 237-7888