Periodontal Evaluation

When it comes to bacteria and disease in your mouth, your teeth are not the only ones at risk. The soft gum tissues that surround your teeth are also prone to infections that must be caught early in order to prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and a multitude of health problems. Unfortunately, over 10% of people in their thirties have periodontal disease, and the older one gets the higher their chances for developing it become.

Not every dentist is trained to take care of periodontal issues. At Willoughby Dental, Dr. Trachtenberg has the education and experience necessary to handle a wide variety of dental issues, including periodontal disease. For Brooklyn, New York Periodontal Evaluation, call or visit our office today.

What Is Periodontal Disease And How Serious Is It?

When tooth plaque is allowed to grow untreated, the toxins within will seep out to other areas of your mouth, such as the soft gum tissues neighboring your teeth. Once a bacterium makes a home out of your gums they will rapidly start breeding. As the infection worsens, bacterium buries deeper into your gums, creating large gum pockets. As the infection grows worse inflammation and irritation may alert you to an underlying dental issue.

Due to a natural reaction the body uses to fight off bacteria, your gums may start to recede, which can cause tooth loss as well as separate issues with your jaw. Without intervention, periodontal disease will continue to worsen, causing many problems.

Signs You Should Get A Periodontal Exam For Disease

There are several signs of periodontal disease that should never go ignored. In order to keep your mouth healthy, it’s important to address any warning signs as early as possible.

Signs that you need an immediate periodontal exam include:

-Loose teeth: Do you notice that one or more of your teeth are coming loss in your mouth?

-Receding gum line: If your teeth appear longer, and your gum line shorter this can be attributed to bone loss caused by periodontal disease.

-Bloody gums while brushing, flossing or eating: If your gums are bleeding for apparently no reason this is a sign of underlying issues.

-Constant bad breath: If you regularly brush and floss but still suffer from bad breath, this can be a warning sign of infection.

Periodontal infections can hamper your health in many ways, leading to a heightened risk for diabetes, heart disease, osteopenia, and osteoporosis.

The Best Way To Prevent Periodontal Disease

The only way to keep your teeth healthy from periodontal disease is to undergo routine dental check ups. The earliest stages of periodontal disease often come with no side effects, leaving you in the dark as your mouth gets intruded on. Through thorough examination, Dr. Trachtenberg will be able to classify any signs of periodontal disease, granting you a solution before you lose any teeth.

What Happens At A Dentist Check Up?

At your dental check up a wide variety of tests and exams will be performed to ensure you do not have periodontal disease.  Everything from your teeth, tongue, lymph nodes, and gums will be carefully inspected for signs of the disease, as well as the plaque that causes it. X-Rays can also be administered to see instant images that go deeper into the tooth and gums for a peek behind the scenes. A dental check up not only gives you peace of mind, but it also helps prevent major dental emergencies from arising.

How to Fix Gum Disease: Available Options And Treatment

Once dental tissues have been extensively examined the degree of your periodontal disease can be identified.  Depending on the severity of the disease, alternative treatment options are available.

Mild Periodontal Disease

Often referred to as gingivitis, gum pockets are around 4mm deep. Scaling and root planning may be performed to clean gum pockets of all debris.

Moderate Periodontal Disease

If infected gum pockets are 4-6mm deep, pockets will be cleaned extensively. Local anesthetic is often necessary at this point.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

If gum pockets are in excess of 6mm, bone loss and receding gum lines are likely. Gum pockets are deep cleaned, and additional treatments may be necessary to rebuild damaged structures and reduce pocket depth.

When advanced stage periodontal disease is left untreated tooth loss will occur. If the jawbone remains strong, a fake tooth can be applied. If the jaw has worn down it will require additional treatment, such as bone grafts, to rebuild stability before applying a prosthetic tooth.

Periodontal Evaluation At Willoughby Dental

Your teeth play an important role in your everyday life, without routine dental exams the chance for periodontal disease is incredibly high. When periodontal disease occurs your risks for tooth loss, cancer, and even heart attack increases. Your teeth do not just impact your mouth, but your entire body.

Willoughby Dental can help keep you healthy and happy by fighting off periodontal disease one check-up at a time. Your best smile is just a phone call away! For Brooklyn, New York Periodontal Evaluation, give us a call today  (718) 395-9105.