Space Maintainers For Kids

Baby teeth play a vital role in your child’s healthy development, as each little tooth sets up the proper formation for permanent teeth to grow in.  If your child losses a tooth too early, other teeth in their mouth will try to accommodate by shifting out of place. Improperly placed baby teeth will prevent permanent teeth from growing in correctly. This is where space maintainers for kids can be used to fill in gaps and help prevent future dental issues.

If your child losses their baby teeth too early, or never grows all of their baby teeth, space maintainers might be a necessary fix. For Brooklyn, New York Space Maintainers for kids, you can rely on Willoughby Dental. At our family-friendly practice, Dr. Trachtenberg has earned a reputation for providing the compassionate dental care children need in order to feel comfortable and confident about going to the dentist.

Why Do Kids Need Space Maintainers? 

Losing baby teeth too early is the number one reason children require a space maintainer. Children can prematurely lose baby teeth for a number of reasons, including:

-A fall or accident

-Severe tooth decay that requires extraction

-An underlying disease or condition that makes early tooth loss more likely

-Baby tooth never grows in

Children start to lose their teeth as young as 4, or as old as 7. Around 5 or 6 years of age most children see their first permanent tooth grow in. If your child losses a baby tooth much earlier than their permanent tooth is ready to develop, a few issues can arise.

For one, teeth naturally start to shift around to accommodate the missing tooth. This makes it difficult for a permanent tooth to grow in, creating a potentially painful mess in your child’s mouth. Secondly, if your child is missing a tooth for a prolonged period they are not able to chew properly, causing excess pressure on their gums, jawbone, and other teeth.  Children missing teeth can also develop speech issues and confidence woes.

Types of Space Maintainers For Kids

There are two main types of space maintainers, fixed space maintainers and removable maintainers. Some maintainers include false teeth and others do not, but both share the same purpose, to keep the space open so the permanent tooth can come in without issues.

Fixed Space Maintainers: A dentist secures this type of maintainer in your child’s mouth, offering the most permanent solution. There are several types of fixed space maintainers.

Different types of space maintainers are recommended depending on the situation at hand. The band and loop maintainer as well as the wire loop maintainer, are fixed in place by a crown or a band on an adjacent tooth.

If your child is missing teeth on both sides of their lower jaw, alower wire or lingual arch can be used to maintain empty spaces.

If your child does not have a tooth that is strong enough to support a space maintainer, a distal shoe appliance can provide answers. This type of maintainer includes a metal wire placed just under the gums so the maintainer has something to attach to. This type of appliance requires the most maintenance, as it needs to be regularly checked to ensure the permanent tooth is not blocked by the implant as it starts to grow.

If your child is missing multiple teeth throughout their mouth, partial dentures can be used instead of space maintainers.

Removable Space Maintainers:

This is the more flexible type of maintainer, as it can be taken in and out of your child’s mouth as they please. Removable space maintainers can be compared to a retainer, with artificial teeth attached to keep the empty spaces in your child’s mouth open.

Brooklyn New York Pediatric Dentist Offering Space Maintainers For Kids

It’s no secret that children don’t usually like going to the dentist, but at Willoughby Dental we strive to change that by providing a comfortable, and kid-friendly environment. If your child losses a baby tooth too early, the best thing you can do for the future of their oral health is contact a quality pediatric dentist. For Brooklyn New York space maintainers for kids, call Willoughby Dental today at (718) 395-9105.