Emergency Root Canal

Are you experiencing severe dental pains? If so you might need a root canal in order to fix the problem. While a root canal has a reputation for sounding severe, there’s little to worry about. It is actually a good thing if you are eligible for a root canal because it means your tooth can be saved and is not yet destroyed beyond repair. Root canals are a straightforward procedure to restore your natural tooth whole and healthy again. Willoughby Dental is a leading provider of emergency Brooklyn New York root canals.

What Causes You To Need A Root Canal?

Deep inside the center of each tooth resides a soft material known as dental pulp. This pulp is full of nerves that connect all the roots of the tooth, and is responsible for providing sensation as well as the blood flow that keeps each tooth nourished and alive. When dental pulp becomes infected it can be very painful because of the nerves in the area. Without a root canal, your tooth is also at risk for dying due to loss of proper blood flow.

Tooth pulp has a lot of protection, but bacteria can still make its way here. The most common reasons a root canal is necessary has to do with inflammation, irritation, and infection of a tooth. All of which can be caused by:

-Deep dental decay

-Large fillings

-Excess dental treatments on the same tooth

-Chips or cracks in tooth

-Facial trauma

Root Canal Symptoms—Signs You May Need Root Canal Treatment

Until a dentist is able to evaluate your tooth, it’s not entirely possible to tell if you will need a root canal or not. Symptoms commonly associated with root canal patients include:

-Extreme pain, which can be on and off or consistent

-A throbbing feeling, like the tooth is pulsating

-Tooth discoloration, especially if you notice it turning a darker color

-Pain when eating cold or hot foods

-Swelling of surrounding gum tissues

-Pimple-like sore continually forms inside of your gums

-Difficulty sleeping due to pain

In some cases there is no pain associated with an infected root canal. This is why regular dental exams are so important, as they allow your dentist to identify and solve problems before they cause pain and suffering.

What To Expect During A Root Canal Procedure

Root canals have a reputation for being painful, but many patients admit their pain is much worse before the root canal. The actual procedure is fairly simple and shouldn’t cause you too much pain or discomfort.

Once your dentist positively identifies your need for a root canal, your procedure will include:

-Removal of infected dental pulp

-A thorough cleaning of the entire infected area

-Replace portions of removed pulp with special dental material. The pulp itself is not detrimental to a fully-grown tooth; this is why the pulp can be removed and replaced with dental filler.

-Seal the area off to reduce the risk for re-occurring infections

Once the bacteria plaguing your dental pulp is removed, your tooth can be made to look and feel like new again.

Without a root canal, you will eventually lose your tooth. Plus, infected root canals can lead to major health concerns far away from your mouth. Root canals are known to produce bacteria associated with diseases, such as heart disease. In other words, a root canal allows you to skip out on tooth extractions, dentures and larger health problems, like a heart attack. You might be wondering, how much does a root canal cost? The average price for a root canal varies from well under $1,000 to well over $1,000. There are many factors that will change the total cost of your root canal, including if you have dental insurance, or if one or more of your teeth are damaged.

Can You Retreat A Root Canal?

If you have already undergone a root canal procedure but are still experiencing problems with your tooth, retreatment may be necessary. Retreating root canals is a very similar process to the first treatment, although it includes removing the crown, and dental material originally implanted. Based on a national average, 75% of patients that have a retreated root canal experience a successful outcome. Based on many factors, your chances for a successful recovery could be much higher.

Root Canal Specialist In Brooklyn New York

A root canal is not technically considered an emergency dental treatment, but the pain you are experiencing due to damaged tooth pulp sure feels like an emergency. The sooner you can get into the dentist, the sooner you can start to feel like yourself again. At Willoughby Dental we specialize in Brooklyn New York emergency root canals, offering patients fast relief they can rely on. Ready to stop your tooth pain for good? We want to help! Call us today at (718) 395-9105!