Toothache Relief Tips

If you have a toothache you want relief as fast as possible! If your tooth is in pain, you shouldn’t wait to see a dentist, toothaches only get worse the longer you wait to seek dental care.  Toothaches are incredibly common; in fact they are the second most common problem adults and children face, just after the common cold. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey revealed over 90% of adults will develop tooth decay, which is the leading cause of cavities, and ultimately toothaches.

For fast toothache relief in Brooklyn New York, Willoughby Dental offers emergency dental care you can count on.

Toothache Pain Relief

The best toothache remedy for fast relief is to visit your local Brooklyn, New York Dentist. The only way to stop toothache pain is to have the proper treatments performed by a dentist.

If you can’t make it to the dentist right this second, Ibuprofen and other similar pain medications can help to subdue the throb. You should also avoid hot and cold beverages and any foods with high acidity or sugar, which can further worsen the problem and increase pain. You should also try to avoid eating on the painful side of your mouth. All of these measures may help the pain momentarily, but pain will only get worse without dental treatment.

Treatments used to stop toothache pain address the source of the problem. Since a number of dental emergencies can cause toothache pain, the treatment will vary depending on the tooth. If the damage has not destroyed the root of your tooth, it can be saved with a thorough cleaning and a filling of some sort.  If the tooth is damaged beyond repair you may need to have it extracted, and a crown, cap, or some form of prosthetic tooth, secured naturally in its place.

What Is Causing Your Toothache?

Toothaches are defined as pain around your teeth, although the causes of your toothache can range. Sometimes toothaches involve your jaw or gums, other times only your tooth is damaged. The only way to really know what is causing your toothache is to visit your local Brooklyn dentist.

The number one cause of toothaches is a dental cavity. When plaque and other debris build up on your teeth, cavities have the opportunity to feast and grow. There are a number of other dental emergencies that can cause a toothache as well.

Some common causes of toothaches include:

Dental abscess

A tooth/dental abscess is caused by advanced tooth decay. If your tooth forms a break or crack and bacteria gets inside an abscess has the chance to form. This often causes a great deal of swelling and pain.

Irritated Tooth Nerve

The pulp at the center of your tooth contains all of the nerves. Therefore, if the pulp becomes damaged the result is a very bad toothache.


Cracked Tooth

If your tooth cracks far enough to impact the pulp root it will not only be an issue of aesthetics, but it can also cause a terrible toothache.

Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth have not been removed and you are experiencing a toothache towards the back of your mouth, your wisdom teeth might be to blame. If there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth, your other teeth will get pushed around which can be painful and cause straight teeth to go crooked.

Is Your Toothache A Dental Emergency?

Each toothache is unique; toothaches can range from mild to incredibly painful. Some toothaches come and go, sparked by trigger foods, while other toothaches continually persist throughout the day. Eventually, all toothaches will reach a point where the pain becomes constant and intolerable. A toothache is always an emergency because without treatment it only gets worse. But when the pain is so bad you’d rather rip your tooth out than deal with it for one more second, you have a true toothache emergency that needs immediate dental care.

Brooklyn New York Dentist Offers Emergency Toothache Relief

When it comes to your toothache you want, and need, fast relief. At Willoughby Dental we offer extended hours to accommodate dental emergencies when they arise. We don’t want you to suffer from the pain of a toothache, call us today for the relief you deserve at (718) 395-9105.