The Proper Way to Brush Your Teeth

brushBrushing our teeth is part of our daily routine. So here at Willoughby Dental we want to make sure that you are brushing the proper way.

In order to make sure you are maximizing efficiency every time you brush your teeth, there are 3 main factors to consider.

1) Gum Line Brushing

When brushing ensure that the bristles penetrate the gum lines thoroughly. If one only brushes his teeth and not the gum lines they are missing out on the most important purpose of brushing ones teeth.

2) Inner Gum lines

A common mistake when brushing ones teeth is to focus primarily on the outer gumline. However the major rule of thumb is to always brush the inner gum line as well and as thorough as the outer gum line.

3) Focused Brushing

After finishing brushing be sure to go back and focus on the canine and wisdom tooth areas. These areas are not typically covered in a regular brushing. Therefore focusing on them by themselves will help ensure that they get cleaned properly.